Donald Prescott

College Station, Texas
1969 15t
  Yes, my father bought this boat from Southwest Marine in Bryan while I was
in High School (circa 1970). Gary Sherrill & Juan Longoria had used it as
their race boat (just fooling around on Lake Somerville, I think) and I
believe it had twins (70 or 85s)on it, then they installed a 135 (150?)
Chrysler with huge chrome megaphone exhausts and speed-prop. I remember that
the gearing was so high that by the time Juan could pull Gary up on slalom
he was deaf and out of sight! (Memory is definitely improved by 30 years.)
That was the set-up that flew when Gary hit a small wave at speed. I guess
that put some sense back into them and we bought it with a 70 Chrysler
installed. It would do an indicated 40+ and put in lots of ski hours. It was
originally a light metallic blue, but the gelcoat was not very good nor was
the metallic flake, so I repainted it in the late 70s (the bottom color you
see in the photos) then added the topsides paint (Imron) in early eighties.
Retired the Chrysler when CD ignition parts became too expensive, and bought
a '78 Mercury 115 in 1983 which has had it's share of troubles. Re-ringed
all and replaced a couple of pistons in '85, rebuilt the bottom & replaced
all gaskets last year, now have some carburetor & timing, plus lower unit
alignment. Then I need to rebuild the transom.
Looking forward to it- It's already given us loads of fun.
Cheers,   Donald



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