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Phoenix, Arizona

Dick's Marine & KMA Engineering
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                 June of 2005 Arizona day at the lake >> click here <<
  New Years  Dick's Marine Regatta I Jan 2006  >> click here <<
   Octoberfest  Oct 2006 on the lake in Arizona  >> click here <<
New Years Dick's Marine Regatta II Jan 2007 >> click here <<
 New Years Dick's Marine Regatta III Jan 2008 >> click here <<
New Years Dick's Marine Regatta IV Jan 2009 >> click here <<
  New Years Dick's Marine Regatta V Jan 2010
>> click here <<
New Year Dick's Marine Regatta VI Mar 2011 >> click here <<

14c. Sold.....Power Cat 14c the one that started it all
18dc SOLD.....Power Cat 18dc
14t SOLD.......Power Cat 14t
                      "Fantasy" modified "Frankenkitty"
18c.......The "new" 18c
                      project project scrapped

The "Craig" SOLD------- another modified custom "Boatrod"

The "Blue Fantasy" -------- custom "Boatrod" creation  Re-new for 2015 !!

The "Green Fantasy"  Sold --------- custom "Boatrod" creation
The 16c Next project on the list... project scrapped

2016 new 14t project

new Stylecraft project
"phantom" cat project


Go here to find the "Lipstick on a Pig"
and "Gladiator Production" videos
of these boats and events


Motors and other projects

the "115 Magnum" v4

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