Kevin Gerow
  Santa Ana, California

This shows Kevin's 1800 PowerCat
He originally had the single engine but
re-powered it with the Twin Merc 40hp 4 cycle motors
and can be found running this fine rig around SoCal waters

Kevin's Father in Law used to own this 18c with a v8 Vdrive power

Well what started as a 3 week project is comming to an end. Here are some photos of the work done at various stages.
This set is of when we first started to strip it down and found some areas that needed some attention.

Then we sent it to the shop for some work that I didn't have the knowledge to do, and one thing led to another.
They added side stringers for the floor boards to sit on, a riser for the new controls, fully glassed the deck/hull seam and rebuilt the seat box.
After we got the boat back from the shop (they did a great job, but took a lot longer than expected) we started sanding and prepping for paint.
I put on three coats of poly-surfacer and primer and was ready for the paint.
Now I'm starting to get the feeling back in my arms
from all the sanding and its off to the paint booth. It spent the holiday weekend in the booth instead of out playing, but I think the sacrifice was worth it.
Now we are in the process of putting it back together. We had the seat re-upholstred, new guages and controls, and of course a new color.
The paint turned out ok, it has some runs but that is alright for now I will fix them the next time around.
 Hope to have it in the water on Sunday.
 Kevin, Sept '03

Crack under seat base

In the paint booth

Nice color !!

Now the deck !!

Back at home

New windshield Sep04
New windshield Sep04
new windshield Sep04
Back in action August 2006




 Oct 2009
A little update on the boat. In the search for a little more speed, I have done some modifications.
We have removed the "original" style bench seats and trimmed the seat box base down.
Also removed the floor boards that were made of 3/4" starboard, a polypropylene material.
All in all we have lightened the boat by 327 lbs. Now some weight will go back in, new seats at
26 lbs each and floor boards made of 5/8" Baltic Birch at 43 lbs total. Hope to gain some MPH before the
Regatta in Arizona in January. Oh, and she is getting a new paint job, white hull with sapphire blue deck.
Had to patch a crack in the forward section between the hulls above the waterline. Will send pictures after paint is on her.
Kevin A. Gerow
1960 18c
Crossing Catalina Channel, with Catalina Flyer (ferry boat) in the background.
Again all of these photos have been taken from my father in laws 32' Campbell by Jill.

Crossing Catalina Channel, Taken from Father in Laws 32' Campbell, by Jill.

Running inside the Long Beach Break wall, picture taken from my father in laws 32' Campbell by my wife, Jill.

Crossing Catalina Channel, Palos Verde Peninsula in the background. My cat would top out at 30 to 32 mph on GPS.
Need to get that number up if I want to hang with some of the others.

  Idling into Two Harbors for fuel, the Pacific Ocean doesn't get any flatter.

Leaving the fuel dock at Two Harbors, Catalina Island.

Arriving at Two Harbors, Catalina Island, can typically make the 30 mile crossing from Long Beach to Two Harbors in just a touch over 1 hour.

Crossing Catalina Channel, Palos Verde Peninsula in the background.

  Crossing Catalina Channel, Point Fermin in the background on right edge.

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