Phil Kennedy's 1969 PowerCat 19t 120hp Mercruiser I/O
Three Generations of Phil's Family have used this nice
tri-hull, and still going strong.

Phillip Kennedy wrote:
I could not resist, I had to send you a picture of my grandfather's 69' cat
(20ft). As you can see she is all original and the motor has
never been rebuilt or taken apart. This cat was purchased in 1969 new from
Pat and Don McCutty owners of Madill Marina in Madill,
Okla. They too still own their Powercat as well as my Uncle and Aunt.


There is a small group of us left that occasionally get together
to go fishing on Lake Texoma. When I was younger back in the 70's all I
used to see on Lake Texoma were Powercats. There were 5 in
our group, now we our down to 3 and I hardly see any other cats on the
water. My grandfather's boat is only one of 2 stern drives that I
have ever seen in my lifetime still on the water, I have seen a couple that
were in boat junkyards. I was wondering if you might know of
anyone that can replicate the decals for the side? One side has faded on us
and I would like to re-gel coat her and put new ones on.


I can tell you this about the boat. It was the last boat Madill marine sold
for Powercat before dropping the marina
side of their business. Pat and Don also owned a Otasco Store that was part
of the marina. They also owned Little
Glasses Resort on lake Texoma during this time. I have to say if you did
indeed in fact put this motor in you did a great
job. This boat has more hours on it than you could ever begin to possibly
imagine. As a matter of fact it has pulled skiers
through 3 generations of my family. It still to this day pulls the kids
around the lake. She does not quite have the power
she once did to pull up the bigger people, but she still cranks up on the
first turn of the key. I have not seen to many boats
that are 31 years old that have not been restored in some way or another.

This one will probably get her first face lift pretty
soon. She needs to be re-gel coated and I would love to drop a small block
v-6 in her with a Volvo duo prop on the back.
Talk about a ski machine. However that will probably have to wait for many

I have some old photos that I will have
to dig up with 3 or 4 Cats tied together fishing on lake texoma. It was
like that everywhere we went on the lake. It looked like an armada of
Powercats. As soon as I find the Photo I will forward it to you.

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