1998 260 with 15 inch Mad-efi offshore mid, cut down trim cylinder, 200 l/u case with Bob's welded on lwpu.
The motor has NEVER been re-nic, sleaved, or welded. Ruck took a peek at the block a little over a 2 years ago
when its was apart for new top pinned pistons. Brand new Wizard top pin pistons installed with new hardware.
The motor currently has a Big Bore horn with 1" Diamond Marine spacer. Has Diamond Marine exhaust tuner as well.
Allian cowl with 225 stickers. The computer is a offshore/drag digital with 11,500 limiter, I never had it over 8500
 and I did that just this past weekend. When I bought it is was just a few hrs over break-in, and I have only ran
it about 10hrs at the max. Its still on my 1975 15' checkmate which was built for drag racing, its loaded up
with Seastar Pro steering, trim indacator, two seats, center steer. I will sale the complete rig if anyone is interested.
I'm asking $9,500.00 for motor by itself. I'm in a pinch and need money or I wouldnt sell....
 Its a nice rig/package.
Make offer if your interested in the whole rig..

videos of it running on You Tube link above