Steve Nipper's 1959 18c
(Lost in the 2003 California Fires )

Not bad for $300.00
Ready for motors
November 2003
Well the cedar fire down here in San Diego took my '59 18c. The only
thing left is a pile of fiberglass ash and useless trailer. The fire
was so hot it weakened and bent the trailer. The foam in the hulls
must have been wet because it and the very bottom of the hulls where
left, flatened out but sitting in place on the trailer. I went back
up to my mom-in-laws house uh I mean property (the house was lost too)
today to prep for some temp power and carefully dug around the boat
to see what was left, everything was melted or burned.
Fortunatly my dad-in law before he died a few years back bought a
great insurance policy,I'll be able to build mom a great new house to
replace the 1943 cabin she was in(I'm a general contractor).
Well next spring I'll have to start powercat shopping but in the mean
time I have my cool new powercat hat to wear (thanks Kevin).
Danny I'll email some before and after pictures to you to post.
( scroll down for after the fire photos )

You can edit the registery to show one more PC lost.
Thanks Steve Nipper

Buster and whats left


trailers a loss also
no life jacket required

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