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Photos from the 1964 Gold Coast Marathon
Charlie Wolff

Charlie Wolff

Hi Danny,
That's me in George Griley's "Bubblecat".
I borrowed the engines from Phil Young.
They were Merc 700's and were completely frozen just a couple of days before the race.
I got one to turn by pouring oil into it. The other was so frozen I pulled it apart and rebuilt it.
I was working part time for Dade Marine and they had a crankshaft.
I worked all night rebuilding the engine with what ever parts I could dig up.
Without any testing I ran the race and the engines never even coughed!
The boat could only go about 70 MPH at the most. Ran wide open the complete race
and averaged almost the same as the top speed.
Came in about 6th or 7th overall out of around 200 boats.
Not bad for a 22 year old college kid with absolutely no money and a borrowed boat and engines!
Charlie Wolff Sept. '06
Home video shot at the 1964 Gold Coast Marathon


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