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Power Cat Rendezvous VII promo 
Lake DeGray,  Arkansas   
September 2015
" Back to De Gray "

   "Duel In The Desert"
The story of Dick's Marine Regatta V, 2010 (Gladiator Productions Video )
Part 1          Part 2
   Testing the newest KMA Engine 
                                                                   ( Gladiator Productions Video )

        Augusta Days Races, Augusta Arkansas, May 2009

    The Dick's Marine Regatta IV of 2009
            ................................................. short clip of Jeff's 15c

Dicks Marine Regatta III 2008   The Dick's Marine Regatta III of 2008
"Great Fun in the Sun"  ( Gladiator Productions Video )

The Craig "BoatRod"   The 1963 Craig Craft with a Fantasy customized cabover bubble
                                                                              deck running twin 105 Chryslers.  The build up and
break in test runs....
                                                                              Awesome "BoatRod"
                                                                               (Gladiator Productions Video )


...Link to video of Fly'n the 14t   Fly'n the 14t  Oct '06...  more fun in the sun !! ( Gladiator Productions video )

                      Maiden launch the first time out Aug '06 (more to come)

   Franken Kitty joins the "Order of the Phoenix" for a new beginning in '06

  Raw footage of 2 of Dick Marine's Fanatsy Hydros in action !!

Green hornet in Arizona    The Green Hornet showing it's moves in Arizona..

Arizona Fun   Fun in the sun   "Green w' Envy"  Video by Gladiator Productions

Black Magic Video  The lattest in the Franken Kitty saga, The Black Magic episode...

Franken Kitty The Great Pumpkin & The Legend of "Franken Kitty" rises once again in 2004
Click Here for Video File The Scott Rendezvous in Minnesota June 2003
Lite 'em up Capt'n Dick !!  The cruiser with the smoothest takeoff !!! June 2003
More of the Scott running in
          Minnesota  More Scott powered craft playing in Minnesota June 2003
Dick's Marine Gone Wild !!      And the big race event of the
Rendezvous ... Gone Wild !!
 19 Sportsmans at play !!        Pair of 19s Tri-hulls Memorial Day 2003 on Lake Texhoma

Dick's Marine   This one is from a couple of years ago but fun to watch
  Cats At Play..  Wild action of some truely "fast cats"
including the "Worlds Fastest Power Cat"

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